Elementary School Supply Lists

Ready to get prepared for September.  Here are the lists of school supplies for each class for Grades 1-4.

Grade 1A 2018                                                          Grade 1B 2018

Grade 2A 2018                                                          Grade 2B 2018

Grade 3A 2018                                                          Grade 3B 2018

Grade 4A 2018                                                          Grade 4B 2018

You also may want to get your uniform t-shirts before, the start of school…

Summer Office Hours: 9-3pm (office is closed July 23rd to August 10)

Tax Receipts – sent home

Tax receipts are ready and will be at the office for pick up starting February 6.

You can stop by to pick up your receipt during office hours, 8:45am – 4:00pm.

Any receipts that are not picked up by Friday were sent home with the oldest child in each family. Contact the school if you haven’t received your tax receipt.