The administrative or governing structure for Faith Academy Inc. is set up as follows:

Board of Directors

A Board of Directors is elected each year as the final governing authority of Faith Academy. At the director level, all policy decisions are made including the final budget approval, salary and fee structures, school calendar approval, hiring of the school Superintendent and the Principals. This Board is also responsible to ensure compliance with the Manitoba Department of Education directives. There are four directors on the present Board.

Current Composition:

  • Greg Stetski, Chair
  • Bill Cavey
  • Lindell Page
  • Frank Ulrich

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The members of Faith Academy Inc. are elected from the Parent Council, the staff and a member at large (nominated by the other members) and also include the Superintendent of the school and Executive Director of Union Gospel Mission. The primary function of this body is to elect Directors and annually receive and approve reports on the functions of the school.

 Current Composition:

  1. Faith Academy, Superintendent                                                                                        James Harnett
  2. Faith Academy, Staff Representative (elected by staff)                                                  Dave Ingels
  3. Faith Academy, Parent Advisory Council Member (elected by PAC)                            Wendell Olojan
  4. Member at Large                                                                                                                  Donald Castro
  5. Union Gospel Mission, Executive Director                                                                       Frank Ulrich

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Parent Councilparentcouncil2014

The parents of students in the school elect the Parent Council. All parents have one vote, which can be exercised as elections are held. Separate By-laws have been established for this council that can be made available from the school office. The Parent Council represents all the parents via letter and survey of opinion – thus meetings are not normally public except upon discussion of special items.

The function of the Parent Council is to advise and provide parental input to the Principal, Vice-Principals, administration and Board of the school on any school-related matters. A secretary is elected annually from among the council members. Presently, the council is made up of nine elected members including one representative from the Pritchard campus.

The Parent Council meets approximately four to five times a year and functions as an advisory council to the administration.

Please feel free to email the Parent Council Secretary  ( with any comments, questions or concerns you may have.  We will always respond back after the matter has been brought forth in a meeting.

If you are interested in joining the Parent Council, please email the Superintendent (email: