The members of Faith Academy Inc. are elected from the Parent Council, the staff and a member at large (nominated by the other members) and also include the Superintendent of Faith Academy and the Executive Director of Union Gospel Mission. The primary function of this body is to elect Directors and annually receive and approve reports on the functions of the school.

Current Composition:  

  1. Faith Academy, Superintendent                                                                                James Harnett
  2. Faith Academy, Staff Representative (elected by staff)                                         Dave Ingels
  3. Faith Academy, Parent Advisory Council Member (elected by PAC)                   Wendell Olojan
  4. Member at Large                                                                                                         Donald Castro
  5. Union Gospel Mission, Executive Director                                                              Frank Ulrich

 Membership must be:

  • 18 years of age or older
  • not bankrupt or undischarged bankrupt

Roles & Responsibilities:

  • To attend the annual meeting.
  • To select Directors (annually).
  • To approve or select the Superintendent (as required).
  • To approve relocation or new construction of school buildings.
  • To appoint an auditor (annually).
  • To approve the annual corporate audit.
  • To elect a corporate secretary (annually or as required).
  • To approve the “Actions of the Directors.”
  • To propose creation of by-laws (as required).
  • To keep minutes and ensure availability to all Members and auditors.
  • To keep a current Membership list.

The Members Meeting occurs on an annual basis, although they may meet on shorter notice as required by a vote.