On Campus Activities

DSC_0480 (1024x665)Hot Lunch

The elementary campus hosts a hot lunch once a month, usually on the last Tuesday of each month (check the calendar to verify).  Order forms are posted online and orders are due in the Thursday prior to Hot Lunch Tuesday.


Grade 4 PatrolsDSC_0016 (1024x680)

New this year, the Grade 4 have an opportunity to do crossing guard patrols at the intersections close to the elementary doors.


Piano Lessons

Faith Academy has a piano teacher who offers private lessons during the school day. Parents pianomust register their children in the program as there are limited spaces. Lessons take place during the day and are scheduled by the piano teacher with each individual teacher.   Fees are invoiced monthly.  Contact the elementary office for more information or costs.


House Groups

The campuses of Faith Academy have given the students an opportunity to take part in house groups. As a member of a group, each student has the chance to connect with students from other grades. These houses are led by a staff member. House group participation can benefit the students by giving them a chance to mix with students in other grades, have informal chapels within their houses and enjoy many school-wide activities where they can receive points (and sometimes rewards) for their house group.

Folklorama, classroom decorating, intramurals and fundraising events are just a few of the highschool gamesactivities that house groups have been a part of. Above all, the house groups have been designed to promote unity and school spirit.


Spiritual Discipleship in the High School

Discipleship is a focus of Faith Academy’s high school leadership programs, and they have a positive impact on the whole school community.  Each year the high school focuses on a specific theme that guides the spiritual focus, retreats and chapels throughout the year.

Past themes include: Identity, Carpe Diem and Kingdom

The leadership programs include two mission teams (Missions 1 and Missions 2), small groups, Bible studies, house groups, Compassion Child sponsorship, prayer focus, a leadership development class and the expectation of grade 12 students to mentor and encourage younger students.


Small Groups and Bible Studies
These groups are led by senior students, and focus on discipleship through relationship building, spiritual growth, prayer, and Bible study.  Small groups, in particular, provide students with opportunities to meet outside of school for further community building.  Participation in the groups is voluntary and open to any high school student.  These groups provide a place for students to get to know and support each other.


Leadership Class – The leadership class provides many opportunities to grow and develop leadership skills.  The leadership group is responsible for promoting school spirit by co-ordinating monthly events, cafes, intramural programs, and monthly gym classes for Pritchard students.  One of the highlights is a wind up with the Pritchard students at the zoo.

According to students and staff the impact of these leadership opportunities is powerful. Although high expectations may add to student’s work load, they provide a support and a relationship base that assists students during their high school years, and develop important skills for the future.

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Ignite—Student Led Worship Evening

The idea for starting Ignite came from a group of students in 2007 after they attended a worship evening in a local church.  This group of students expressed a desire to encourage fellow students to worship God in their own building.  With the support of Melanie Bailey and Cam Kroeker, a worship team was formed and Ignite began.

The monthly evening has continued under the guidance of Agape Revereza, and has provided HS Chapel April 9 (2)opportunities for numerous students to participate as part of the worship team.  The evenings typically occur on the last Monday of each month from 7-9pm (check the monthly schedule). The evening includes a guest speaker, prayer and singing time.  Ignite is primarily for High School students, and is open to students from other schools.  Parents are always welcome, and younger children are allowed as long as they are accompanied by a parent.

website slider - basketballSport Teams/Intramurals

Students also have opportunities to participate in sport teams.  Depending on student interest, the teams may include volleyball, basketball and track and field.

Intramurals are also run for the middle and high school campuses throughout the year.  Participation in intramural sports contribute to house point accumulations.

Class Interaction

Having multi-aged students in one location provides High school students some opportunities to help with elementary classes.