Mission Teams

panama6The mission teams each have a trip that they prepare for, but their primary focus is discipleship and spiritual growth within the school throughout the year.

The Mission 2 team is made up of Grade 12 students. Each Mission 2 team member is expected to take a leadership role throughout the school and specifically focus on a group of students whom they encourage and disciple. To be chosen for a mission team, students must apply and have a willingness to serve in this capacity, and have a growing relationship with Christ. A staff member takes responsibility to pray for, encourage and mentor the team members and holds them accountable for discipling other students. The team members also have an opportunity to participate in an international trip. In the past, the missions teams have gone to places such as eastern Europe and Central America. To participate in this trip, each member must be able to raise finances, get their passport and visa, receive parental permission and commit the time to go. They have opportunities to get involved in a variety of fundraising efforts such as the Quiz Night, Pancake Breakfast, Cafés and coupon book sales to help raise money for their trip.

The Mission 1 team is made up of students from Grade 10 through 12 and works with Pathway Ministries. They travel to Fairford, Manitoba during Spring Break to run a day camp for local children. The team meets for a monthly outing to serve in the local community at places such as Union Gospel Mission and Agape Table. They also participate in an urban plunge in the North End and go on a 2-day winter retreat.