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Our Mission Statement

Faith Academy endeavors to bring glory to God by being a conservative, evangelical, Christian, revival-based educational institution, providing to students in K5 to Grade 12 an academic education equivalent to and/or superior than the standards of education set by the Province of Manitoba.

While open to any student in Manitoba who is willing and able to follow the established school guide of Faith Academy, the primary focus of the school is the students resident in the North End of the city of Winnipeg, with an ongoing commitment to enroll a significant minority of poor and disadvantaged children.

Today, Faith Academy employs more than 70 teachers, assistants, maintenance and administrative staff, with 580 students enrolled across three campuses.



Forty-One students graduated this week.  Congratulations on your achievements.  Well done!!


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2014-2015 Calendar (check out inservice or holidays for the year)


June 29, 2015 - Last Day of School - 2:30pm dismissal



Current News:



Calendar for 2015-2016 holidays is available online.

First day of school for 2015-2016 is September 8, 2015.  Classes will start at 10am.  The bus schedule will be 1 hour later for that day, only.



Donate Now Through!
  Faith Academy is a registered charity ministering in the North End of the city of Winnipeg.  We believe that no student should ever be refused acceptance to the school because of a lack of money.  Accordingly, we provide assistance in the form of reduced fees where possible.  While the Lord sees these needs, if you are willing to help we certainly appreciate any size of donation.

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